Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lady Gaga's Alejandro

Lady Gaga's Alejandro...by the numbers:

Length of video = 8m 43s

Portion of video w/ lyrics = 6m 22s

Time we hear "Alejandro" = 5m 23s

So that means that over 85% of the words we hear during the video are "Alejandro" - probably more, since she says it several times during refrains.

I only watched twice, and I can't be bothered to go through it again.

Below are my timings/comments:

First 2.02 = no lyrics
2.15 - 2.31 = no words
2.32 - 3.21 = 1st verse
3.22 - 3.41 = 1st Alejandro refrain
3.42 -4.39 = 2nd verse
4.40 -4.58 = 2nd Alejandro refrain
4.59 - 5.37 = refrain
5.38 - 8.24 = 3rd Alejandro refrain (w/ refrain sung over it)
8.25 - 8.43 = silence

49s = v1
57s = v2
38s = refrain

144s = 2m 24s of hearing anything other than "Alejandro" during 8.43 song
1m 19s = 1st Alejandro refrain.
1m 18s = 2nd Alejandro refrain
2m 46s =3rd Alejandro refrain

Total 5m 23s out of 6m 22s of lyrics.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Chamber Session part 2

Liker Building Methods

#1 -- Buttons & Badges & Widgets (see http://developers.facebook.com/plugins)

#2 -- Tag, Tag, Tag
-- use the @ sign on Wall posts but doesn't work in comments (only in Facebook - won't work if linking posts from Twitter to Facebook)
-- tag friends in photos, videos, and notes when relevant

#3 -- Facebook Social Ads (price is similar to Google Adwords & very, very targeted)

#4 -- Link to Twitter (used SNHU as an example) -- doing it from Facebook automatically shortens post that goes on Twitter

#5 -- Personal Profile
Example of Denise Wakeman (who is 1 of the "firestarters")

#6 -- The Share Link (photos, videos, links, notes -- not wall post)

#7 -- Custom Landing Tabs (using FBML)

#8 -- Invite Fan Interaction (example was Monarchs) b/c people can tag themselves and then friends of those people see it in News Feed but have to go to the Fanpage to see it.

#9 -- Fan-Only Content (use static FBML to restrict things only to Fans)

#10 -- Outsource It!
-- paid services, social media assistants (Turbo Social Media?), Check: oversight, policies/procedures, relevance

Twitter -- Follower Building Method

#1 -- Hashtag Happiness
- thematic conversations (#SMSS10)
- traditions like Follow Friday (#FF)
- interests like #ski
- locaion like #NH

#2 -- Re-tweet (& be re-tweeted)
- add personal note, if room
- show's you're paying attention
- appears in people's mentions

#3 -- Get Listed
- Twitr.org, TwitDir, local tweeps, etc

#4 -- Use Services
- Refollow, Twiangulate, Twibes, Twubs, Mr. Tweet, Twitterholic, Retweet Radar

#5 -- Meet Offline
- Tweet-ups, Networking events, workshops/seminars, trade shows, conferences

#6 -- Monitor & Engage
- Tweetdeck, Google alerts, Social Mention, Jitter Jam

#7 -- Mine Media & Center of Influence Lists
-- MSM or trade groups, industry analysts, etc

#8 -- Mine the Competition
- they'll find you on Twitter anyway, won't know that you're following the same people, they've done legwork already, in the end could be doing both a favor (getting people the right info, not wrong (2 nearby colleges, with very different target markets)

#9 -- missed

#10 -- Outsource It
- Social media assistants,

Get Help if you Need it!

1. Ramp up your learning curve
2. Find a success partner
3. Turn it over to an expert

Outsourcing is going to be a big trend for 2010 -- 10-25% are already doing it

Montaigne Communications is doing social media for NH Travel & Tourism

Become a Liker at http://facebook.com/AhaYourself
Write on wall w/ comments & pics

Administrative panel -- control where fans vs. non-fans land when they first come to our page. Make customized welcome page,

Manchester Chamber Social Media Session

Kicking off with a book from Seth Godin's _Tribes_ -- how to get true, loyal fans!

- Everything's integrated
- Tactics for any online channel
- Facebook
- Twitter

1. Strategy - why doing this? Needs to be for "interaction" for the sake of driving enrollment not just "being there" or putting out news

2. Measurement
- traffic, revenue/cost, earned media, likers/followers, interactions
Google Analytics for tracking inbound traffic and look at "Insights" in Facebook. Do a baseline and then at regular time intervals

3. Content Creation
- Content is information you share with your audience in any form, which (ideally) provides a value/specific benefit to them.
Example = Franklin Savings Bank. Way ahead of what any other bank/credit union in New England is doing. 1,000 fans.
- Editorial planning! What does the audience want to see?

4. Broadcast
- automate broadcasting with HootSuite, Ping.fm (to 40 sites), Social Oomph (schedule Tweets, and Facebook [w/ professional level]), Seesmic

5. Engagement
- Chris Brogan clip from Web 2.0 expo in November 2009 - example about Roger Smith hotel and Blogger's special. Key was that they were there, and involved with people.
- Conversations -- 1) to whom will you talk? 2) who will do the talking/listening? 3) where will you draw the line?

6. Audience Building

One Size Fits All

Method #1 -- email signature & give reasons why people should follow link

Method #2 -- Cross Promotion. Put it out there on all existing materials, email lists, etc -- announce presence in Facebook, etc and give incentives/reasons to join. Constantly hammer in everything (provided you're ready and have the content)

Method #3 -- Promos/Coupons/Freebies. Easy on Twitter, but limited on Facebook (by "Promotion Guidelines". Wildfireapp.com as cheap external vendor to do contests, within the guidelines.

Method #4 -- find your Elite Fans (ones who care most about your brand). Tap into these folks, give exclusive content, etc -- and they will help get message out.

Method #5 -- Tribe Syndication
See: 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (April 2010)

End of part 1 (first hour)

Continue to Part 2

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New/improved stores in downtown Manchester!

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Manchester. So, I took a walk downtown to "stroll". With the winter weather/temperatures over the past few months, I hadn't taken time to just see what had changed -- I'd just been going where I needed to go as quickly as possible.

On a recent trip, I had noticed a new used records/CDs store that popped up in one of the buildings just south of the old Post Office Fruit Luncheonette (424 Chestnut?). So, I popped in for a few minutes. I'm a big Fleetwood Mac fan, so I was happy to see some of their albums, plus solo albums from people in the group. I didn't have time for a lot of chit-chat but they guy running the place said he used to have a store over by Central High school.

There was 1 other customer in the store at the time and he even bought something! Amazing!

Close to this store is a sports cards/collectibles shop that just seems to be getting around to open. Or maybe they're open but didn't look open. There were people working inside, but it didn't seem like they were quite ready for customers.

On this same trip, I stopped into "Corey's" which is a (variety?) store just to the north of Copy Express on Elm Street. In the time that I've lived in Manchester, it was first vacant, then became the "Step It Up" campaign office, then vacant again, and now Corey's for maybe the past year.

Based on observation and comparing my previous visit to yesterday's experience, and talking with Corey herself, the place is changing. My first impression was that it was a store for cheap tools and home decor, so it seemed like an odd type of thing to have downtown. But it's evolved based on customer requests to include art supplies for the New Hampshire Institute of Art students and very recently, they added a section with groceries. Now you can get canned veggies, soups, microwave popcorn, oatmeal, etc.

Corey told me that about 80% of the items are in the store based on cusomer requests/suggestions. She really seems to be into the "community" aspects of downtown, and she even mentioned this in our conversation.

If I had the time, I'd love to do a more in-depth post and some more investigation into all this. But right now, my priorities are on other things (as listed at UnitedManchester.org). So hopefully someone can take things from here. Maybe our friend at FortressManchester.com?

Always Sunny in Manchester?

Well, it seems like that's the way things are going these days...and it's improving my mood.

I seem to have a bit more "clarity" these days, on many things.

Procrastination seems to be an issue for me. Somehow, I've gotten into the habit of waiting much longer to do things than I used to. For example, I have a 2-page paper and presentation due for my graduate Marketing class tomorrow. It's not _quite_ finished yet. But, I'm planning to take a couple of hours this morning to work on things and then some time tonight -- so I should be fine. Now for my end-of-term paper, I need to work more steadily on that b/c procrastination will not be enjoyable in that situation.

Saw some good Manchester Monarchs hockey last night and am going again today. And then I have tickets for Wednesday. Why does it always work out this way? Feast, then famine!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the groove

I feel like I've been in an "Internet Funk" for awhile. For the past 6 months, I haven't been having much "fun" with doing things on the web. Recently, a number of factors have me happier and more motivated...

So, I can't promise to update here very often, since I'm being pulled in lots of directions right now.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mixing business with pleasure.

I hate to bring work into this Blog, but I need to test what happens when I link from an external website to a form on http://www.snhu.edu so let's see what happens: http://www.snhu.edu/5829.asp

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fleetwood Mac in Manchester

I've been to a decent number of concerts in my life. Some had pyrotechnics, others had dancers/choreography, one even had a huge inflatable pig. I once was working on a list of all the shows I've gone to, but it looks like I never posted that list...

In any event, none of them can compare to the Fleetwood Mac show this past Tuesday in Manchester, NH! I wish I had seen Fleetwood Mac shows over the years to compare one to another, but this was powerful!

I had read various reviews so I knew what to expect (nice Lindsay/Stevie moments, McVie being a somber bass player, Mick going nuts on his solo and speaking unintelligibly at times). But, my expectations were far exceeded by the actual performance!

It's probably that I'm such a huge fan, and I have been since the 60s. *laugh* Well, I've been a fan since 1997 but I enjoy the various types of music put out by Fleetwood Mac starting in the 60s (long before Buckingham Nicks ever came on the scene). As a short history lesson, Fleetwood Mac was originally a British blues band, and a very good/popular one at that. At one point they were promoted as "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac".

So, I had been waiting for years to see Fleetwood Mac in concert. I missed their late 90s tour, was in Egypt for the one in 2005 (?) and then I finally got my chance on Tuesday.

None of the songs by themselves were fantastic, though the arrangement of a couple of them was surprisingly different from what I expected. The best thing about the show is that they don't have a new album to promote (yet), so it was a "best of" performance. I think almost everyone in the audience knew the words to all the songs.

Stevie is still beautiful, but she seemed tired/worn out. She's allowed...and still gave a good performance.

McVie is a bass player. A good one, but still a bass player. Not much energy from him.

Mick really rocked, especially on his long drum solo. The only thing missing was something that used to be attached to one of the drum heads years ago which would flop around while he played.

Lindsey Buckingham IS the driver of Fleetwood Mac. Maybe it's been that way all along more than I wanted to admit. I always thought he was soft and that he took them in directions I didn't like. But these days, he makes the shows. He's stomping his feet, jumping around, firing up the crowd. He's also the only one who shakes hands with fans, signs autographs, and lets his guitar be touched.

Well done, all!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm a "Social Media Apprentice"

This just came to me... Not quite in a flash -- more like a forehead slapping sort of moment.

I've seen people calling themselves "Experts", "Gurus", etc in Social Media. My ego won't allow me to get anywhere near using those words to describe myself.

We're all still experimenting with Social Media. Don't try to convince yourself or anyone else that you've got it all figured out.

I found similar thoughts at: http://arnteriksen.com/are-you-a-social-media-expert